Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shoebox Swaps

Shoebox Swaps

Weather here has gotten cold with more snow.

Last blog I mentioned that I would be attending a couple of shoebox swaps.  I had one and finishing up items needed for the next one (this Saturday).

The last one I went to was a large one, but full of fun and goodies.  For those who don't know a Shoebox shop is where you the attendees move around the room making a card at each station.  The station has a sample card, instructions if necessary and a kit for each participant.  Each kit has everything needed to complete the card (paper, embellishments, etc.).  The box also will have the stamp set, ink pads, adhesive squares, die cutter, dies, embossing machine, embossing folders.  These are set out around the work space.  If the group is large (like this one was), you make kits for 1/2 the attendees and completed cards for 1/2 of the attendees.  The attendees are divided into 2 groups (odds and evens).  If you are an Odd Number 1,3,5, etc. you take one each of the odd number cards and make one each of the even numbered cards.  Evens do the opposite.

Many of these events will have other swaps to participate in.  Anything But A Card (ABC or ABAC), Altered Items, Altered Notebooks, Lottery/Secret Sister/Secret Stamper.  Attendees sign up for what they are interested in and then make one for each participant of that particular swap.  The Lottery/Secret Sister/Secret Stamper you only make 1.  This item will usually be a basket filled with craft items, something to pamper the sister, chocolate, and something handmade (altered items, cards, etc.)  Basic cost is stipulated in the Rules for the Swap.  The ones I have participated in have ranged from $20 to over $100.

For the last event I participated in the Shoebox Swap, Holiday, Any Occasion and Lottery. All cards I make I CASE.  I find one I like in a craft book, or received some someone else.  I then copy the idea and change it to make it my own, by adding/deleting items, using different color combos and/or paper.

These are the cards I did for the categories I participated in.  I included envelopes that I stamped a small image in the lower left corner.  Can't send a naked envelope.

Shoebox Card

Any Occasion

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  1. awesome Robyn! so glad you are doing this! blogging is extremely therapeutic although time consuming :) hence my blog.